Monday, February 8, 2010

Books, Books, Books!

Regarding the reading list for this semester, I have the good fortune to live next door to Megan who has ordered most of the books from the reading list and has agreed to share with me! (Thank you Megan!) There are 6 here with more on the way and we have each selected 3 to read first. I am starting with Gamer Theory, Orality and Literacy, and Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life and Beyond. I am starting with Gamer Theory because I am a gamer and it had what was possibly the best two reviews on Amazon (I will include a link, hilarious!) I think the plan is for us to switch after we have finished the 3 books that we are reading.
I really haven't read anything like this book, I tend to turn my brain off and read mostly sci-fi, horror and low fantasy books when reading on my own *sheepishly* I have long been telling myself that I should be reading books that have more content now that I am in grad school, hopefully this will be a kick in the seat to get me reading more than Neil Gaiman and classwork! I like to read the reviews of books before I read them (I am such an old man sometimes) and Gamer Theory's gave me a good laugh. I think that the three reviews on Amazon are a perfect example of the varied responses that a piece of academic writing can receive when the public and post reviews.

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