Sunday, March 21, 2010

Talk about flow of Information!

I was looking on Yahoo news this evening and came across an interesting blog. Yahoo is blogging a live, play-by-play of the health care bill vote with new post going up every 15-30 minutes. I think that this is a fascinating example of the way that new media is changing the way that people get their news. It has long been possible for the average person to follow activity going on with our legislation by watching channels like CSPAN, but this online coverage opens the debate up to a new group of people that may (like many) find it difficult to watch the actual debate. This medium is clearly not an exhaustive representation of the debate, but I think is an available and followable option for information on something that is important.

In other class related news, I have started putting together a video about some interesting gaming info. As soon as I master the editing software on my mac I will be posting some footage!

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  1. I thought it was just as cool, and even more surprising, that the inveterate NY Times was doing the same thing with the health care debate and vote--even updating on their iPhone app! I'd have to dig for the specifics, but I remember not too long ago a flap over a member of the White House press corps Tweeting from the press conference room, but now even Robert Gibbs himself is Tweeting. I don't quite know what to think about that... does it paint him as in touch and tech-savvy, or does it take his gravitas down a notch? Somehow I can't imagine James Brady or Marlin Fitzwater uploading Tweets from their Blackberries, but politics aside, I feel more confidence in them than in @PressSec.